Celebrating Community and Culture: The Florida Puerto Rican Parade
News ImageBy Latino.Black Media    |    2024-04-25

The Florida Puerto Rican Parade, Inc. (FLPRP), established in 2016, stands as a beacon of pride and unity within the Puerto Rican community of Florida. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, FLPRP is dedicated to showcasing and preserving the rich cultural heritage and contributions of Puerto Ricans to the state of Florida.

Scholarship Fund Program: Investing in Education

One of FLPRP's cornerstone initiatives is its Scholarship Fund Program. This program aims to provide financial support to students pursuing higher education. The Scholarship Fund Program Committee diligently identifies qualified students, considering factors such as financial need, scholastic merit, leadership, and achievements.

Generous contributions from corporations, businesses, community organizations, and individuals play a pivotal role in raising funds for scholarships. Together, these partners empower aspiring students to achieve their educational goals and pave the way for a brighter future.

Scholarship: Link to Scholarship

Donations: Support the Scholarship Fund Program

Parade and Festival: A Celebration of Heritage

Each year, FLPRP hosts the Florida Puerto Rican Parade, Festival, and associated events, serving as a vibrant celebration of Puerto Rican culture, heritage, and contributions to Florida. This annual gathering is a testament to the resilience, creativity, and diversity of the Puerto Rican community.

The parade and festival provide a platform to honor achievements across various fields, including business, health, music, science, sports, arts, and government. Puerto Ricans from across Florida and neighboring states, along with friends and families, come together to participate in this joyous occasion.

Save the date for April 27, 2024, when the parade and festival will electrify downtown Orlando. This year, the spotlight shines on the Municipality of Juncos, affectionately known as "La Ciudad del Valenciano." Under the theme of "Civic Engagement and Responsibilities," attendees can engage in various activities, including voter registration, participation in elections, volunteering in community organizations, government involvement, and upholding civic duties such as obeying laws and serving on juries.

Gua'Kía 5K: Promoting Health and Community Engagement

In addition to the parade and festival, FLPRP organizes the Gua'Kía 5K, an event focused on promoting health and community engagement. This annual race underscores FLPRP's commitment to fostering wellness and camaraderie within the Puerto Rican community.

Join Us in Celebrating Community and Heritage

The Florida Puerto Rican Parade, Inc., invites everyone to join in celebrating the vibrant culture, heritage, and contributions of Puerto Ricans to the state of Florida. Whether through scholarship support, participation in the parade and festival, or engagement in community events like the Gua'Kía 5K, there are countless opportunities to embrace and honor the spirit of community and heritage.

Let us come together, united in pride and celebration, as we continue to preserve and promote the essence of Puerto Rican identity in the heart of Florida. Together, we honor our past, celebrate our present, and shape our future.

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