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About Us

About Us

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For over 25 years, Grace Jordan Enterprises have been a targeted entertainment media company specializing in web development, mobile app development, and audio and video production.

Today, we take a step toward focusing all those talents on a distribution network called Grace Jordan LatinoBlack.

Grace Jordan LatinoBlack is the true leader in combining Black and Hispanic Media. Under the distribution umbrella of Grace Jordan Entertprises LLC, our mission is to focus on connecting our African American and Hispanic Communities via several media channels.

Media Channels include:

Our Grace Jordan LatinoBlack God will focus on motivational speaking, sermons, looking at scriptures, and spreading the gospel.
We offer segments, interviews, music, videos, and articles for these areas and highlight the bible by going through books of the bible and speaking on topics we all need to hear. Let us get fed together.

Our Grace Jordan LatinoBlack will focus on aggregating news and media from around the globe and a sweet spot for our birthplace and home of Orlando, Florida, and the surrounding Central Florida area.

Listen Orlando/Oye Orlando
Our Grace Jordan LatinoBlack Listen Orlando will focus on Arts/Entertainment, Education, and Technology in Orlando, Florida.
We offer segments, interviews, and articles for these areas and highlight our heroes: teachers, Parents, Pastors, Professors, and more.

Our Grace Jordan LatinoBlack ORIGINALS will focus on the podcast and shows developed and produced by Grace Jordan Studios and Production Partners. The first two ORIGINALS are Art by Sabien featuring Sabien T Willis and Listen Orlando featuring Pookie n Them.

Grace Jordan LatinoBlack’s goal is to provide the world with quality digital media showcasing history via Grace Jordan Entertainment, Grace Jordan LatinoBlack, Grace Jordan Mobile Apps, and Entertainment Media.

Grace Jordan LatinoBlack is excited that you are here. We look forward to making you feel welcome on this unique Media experience that will become a staple for our communities. So please stand with us on this journey; as we expand and drop some fantastic surprises/ additions to the brand. We are focusing on the African American and Hispanic Communities by creating the world’s most highly respected and valued company, entertaining and networking everywhere globally.

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Grace Jordan Enterprises:

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Grace Jordan Enterprises LLC aka Grace Jordan Studios
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